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(4*TP) For the Prestige

A clan for Wii. Only the prestiged can join the army.

Rank Site In Out
51 Kick A** Clan KAC
56 535

We are currently recruting member we are ganing people fastly we are only on ps3 and ready to kick ass so come join our clan
52 TEKKERZ clan
54 856
we are a respect based clan and we basically have fun as we kick ass also if you are looking for a clan battle please message me on my clan profile
54 615

TFKx works as a team to crush the enemy and come out on top. We are always looking for new member to be apart of our family.
54 -RAK-
52 687

We're currently 4-3 and are looking for decent membeers. We are fond of second chance. WE also are growing fast and still have people playing W@W ocassionally.
55 Armed Outlawz
50 202
Armed Outlawz is a growing clan for Playstation 3. Armed Outlawz welcomes all players, regardless of skill level,rank or age.You can come here to chat with other players, make friends, and altogether increase your gaming experience.You can also join or cr
56 Extinction
49 504

We are a online gaming clan which plays wii. xbox, and soon to be ps3. we are currently recruting ppl who are fairly good to play with
57 LRG Last Remaining Gamers
49 263
Currently accepting all recruits. Based on Wii.
58 LeftAnalog
47 542

Left Analog is a website dedicated to people who like to move when they play First Person Shooters. We dont allow the other kind of gamers in here. We have a strict No Camping Policy enforced. Discussions are based ar
59 DU+CH
47 206

Dutch gaming clan on ps3 blackops2
Feel free to join our clan and get the latest news, have youre own page and share with youre friends!
60 Predator Theory
39 28

A mature online Xbox 360 clan, with the mutual liking of dominating, and having a good time
61 Clan Battles | GOON SQUAD
37 319 is the 24-7 Xbox gaming community, we play around the clock black-ops. Hold tournaments for prizes (MSPoints)!
We are a well-run clan [GOON] with tons of experience and friendly CoD P
62 Lethal Defensive Justified Entertainment
36 37
Mature clan for 25 year olds and older. We are out to have fun gaming and to create a fun gaming community. Check us out!!
63 L3g0 Clan: Most Known of the Unknown
35 497

Welcome to L3g0 Clan, the most known of the unknown. Lucid & Elite Gamers Only is a mature, PS3 exclusive, multi-gaming, tactical based clan. What we center on is communication and teamwork. We put a
64 Relentless Pwning Assasins
34 444

We are a Call Of Duty Gaming Clan For Wii Playstation 3 and Xbox360
65 The European Warriors
32 375

We are a Call of Duty: Black Ops PC clan, How would you like to be part of The European Warriors gaming clan, just visit the website we are recruiting.
66 Unknown Target
32 10

Free Avatar Items just for joining!
67 The MoGZ Of War
31 20

MW3 Battlefield3 Black Ops2 MoH on PS3. Adults (25+). Mature GamerZ - the MoGZ. About: PTFO, communicating, making friends, having fun, helping each other on forum and in game. UK EU USA CAN
68 Grumpy Bastards
31 1
We are a Call of Duty series gaming clan, we have a cod 1 server modded to the max and we have a cod black ops server with 24/7 server monitor to keep rule breakers in check! we have a ventrilo server as well and will be adding more servers here soon. if
69 Alternative Gaming
29 195
New upcoming clan. 17+ clan division [1.00 K/D and/or 1.25 W/L]. 16 and under clan division [.85 K/D and/or 1.00 W/L]. Come join the Fight!
70 Clan Kad
29 464
The Clan Kad is a Italian clan which works on PS3, Xbox, Wii, and PC, Black Ops is one of the most active clan in circulation. Recruitment for all divisions.
71 The Cod Warriors
28 765

Hello and welcome to one of the fastest growing Call of Duty Black Ops Wii clans. TcW is a supreme clan with great members to play private matches, public matches and loads of clan wars. any one can j
72 MagicShot
28 127
MagicShot Community it's a project that stand's over the Internet since 2004 with Multiple Game Servers for PC and Game Social Networking for Consoles. Visit for more information.
Team Game: COD Black Ops
Game Plataform: Playstation 3
73 SiC - Stealth Invisibility Clan
26 17

SiC stands for Stealth Invisibility Clan and is a clan for cod black ops wii. We are a belgian and dutch clan with over 30 members, but we are still growing. Joining is possible!!!
74 Swiss-Elite-Soldiers
23 6

75 Snipe till Sunset
21 219

We are a clan for PS3 and Xbox360 for Black Ops and all other CoD's, Our site is or, led by StS|xXJoEpWnSXx, StS|krazyPRICE60, and StS|HEAD$HOT
76 Great Serial Killers - gsK - ps3
17 266
gsK is a friendly, organized and relaxed clan. We have no overall requirements and have a very active forum. Just apply on our recruitment page and you will be accepted. We have awesome events and awesome members.
77 FuckShitUP
16 106

we are a good clan only accepting the best. Must be good player able to go positive and get over 20 kills in any match with at least 4 of our players and 14 years old.
78 [eX]treme -The Extreme Clan-
16 397
We are multiplatform and play different games however we are primarily Black Ops Wii.
79 Brotherhood Gaming
16 4
We're the Brotherhood bitches...
80 Wii Kick Ass
16 9

a very laid back clan, but we have some extreme players!! and we are always looking for new members!
81 PriMo Gaming
15 44
We are a Quick Scope Trickshot,/ Skillbased clan. We will have 2 try outs everyweek. We are former OpTic so we no what were lookin for we have a GB team setup 2.00KDR requirment and tryouts.
82 SMKN PS3 Black ops Clan
14 680

We are a PS3 based Black ops clan that has just started. We are striving to become one of the top PS3 clans out there, so if you want to get in on a great, friendly, helpful clan early on than head on over to our website and sign up.
83 Clan $P/SP
14 364

We are an elite group of killers who are pro at sniping and close combat. If you are interested in join please talk to an owner. No tryouts but that will change soon. So hurry in before you lose your
84 [RAWR] Gaming
13 1

[RAWR] Rawr Gaming (XBOX 360) - We're more than just a clan, we're a family. We are a respectful, laid back, skilled clan. We are currently accepting members with at least a 1.20 kill to death ratio
85 Wraith Shadow Guard
12 1

WSG is a Clan that has a variety of people from all walks of life that enjoy playing video games. Some of our Members have been playing games with each other for many years.Some have only been in the Clan for a few days.

Though our goals are all the sa
86 The Raging Noobs
12 3

We have about 30 members at the moment, but we're fast growing and 35-0 in our clan wars. We are a Wii only clan. We plan to transfer over to Modern Warfare 3 when it comes out. We are big on clan wars and games like Michael Myers and Border Patrol.
87 Dedicated To Killing
12 1
We're a Multi gaming Clan (Mainly Blackops) We have been around for a couple of months. So now we're Recruiting!
88 Greek Barbarians
11 9
Greek barbarinas clan site call of duty
89 R10Tclan
10 4
The R10T clan was formed in late February 2011 for Call of Duty Black ops and Modern Warfare 3 on the Xbox 360 by founders Dakota and Cody with the sole purpose in creating a fun gaming environment wi
90 Girls Are Deadly Angelz
10 14

We are a clan that loves to kick ass! We PWN all the boys and girls, you should join us! GaDa, we smile we kiss we kill.
91 PureImPuLsE
10 58
We are a ps3 Black Ops Clan,to join, you must have a K/D above 1.10 and be a active Black Ops player (not addict, just active)! We hope you join our Clan today!
92 Foundations of Destruction
9 28
Foundations Of Destruction Clan is an established PS3 and Xbox 360 clan for ages 12+. We were founded in February of 2010. We play many games such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Halo Reach, Call Of
93 Team Trigger
9 1
Team Trigger is for dudes who enjoy a tight knit community of friends and fellow gamers on Xbox Live. The only requirement for joining is a good sense of humor.
9 1
We are DOAP (dope), a Multi-Console Gaming Clan, that was created on August 2, 2010 with the idea that both skill and unity could be innertwined, and translate into a successful prosperous organization of gamers.
95 xPUREx
8 52
its a quick scoping clan if you want to join add: xPURExSlikkSHoTS we are doing montages and recruiting have a look at my site also add:my m8 who gives you trials:xPURExQucKzZx and if you want a clan
96 FOX clan
8 5
We are a COD Black ops PC clan we have 3 game servers and 2 voice servers we are recruiting all of the time and would like to add more to our clan.
97 Merc Clan
8 5
This is an elite mature group of players that love to MERC. No we are not a MLG or QS group. We are accepting applications at this time. stop by and enjoy our community website also.
98 3rd Infantry Division Online Soldiers
8 125
The 3rd Infantry Division: Online Soldiers is an Xbox 360 Clan that plays Call of Duty: Black Ops in a realistic tactical setting. Our unit is trained and we operate and communicate effectively. We hold scheduled practise, and in general, just have fun!
99 F4ME
7 25
its a sniping clan on ps3! QS, NS, and trickshots we are beast check out our site and also check us out on youtube please subscribe to
7 94

A Clan that sticks together and that are always on top

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