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Shoot, Stab, Kill (SsK*)

(SsK*)"Shoot, Stab, Kill" #1 CoD PS3 community in the world!!! Need we say more? Est. 2009 for the PS3 console. We dominate and accept any challenge from any other clan listed here. Come see why!

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Rank Site In Out
51 HaZe Clan
183 1446

Were an amazing Call Of Duty clan of snipers on the Xbox 360. We are currently recruiting snipers!
52 MeeP Clan
176 893

we are an xbox 360 quickcoping clan, looking for team leaders and new quickscopers take a look at our site and arrange a trial if you like what you see!
53 chillers
163 1695

we are a up and coming clan that is here to take over!!!we are for wii and always recruiting.think you got what it takes??
54 The DayBreakers
155 1140

Join the DayBreakers!!!! We are a Call of Duty Black Ops and Black Ops 2 Clan that was founded in August 2012. We have multiple corporate sponsors and we are very well organized. We play Headquarters
55 A*G
147 881
We are a elite and competative WII clan with great team members. Were currently recruiting must have a KDR of 1.50 are higher(except females)Black ops & MW3.
56 E G O M
145 1091

we're the elite gang of misery E G O M if you want to battle against us always welcom hope to see you soon and then you can see how miserable we are.....
57 Fubar Nation
122 1920
Fubar Nation! The Home of the Brave!
We are a PS3 and Xbox 360 Call of Duty: Black Ops and Homefront gaming Clan.
58 Arrogance of Aggression
122 1662

A US and EU clan. 18+. PS3 and XBox. We play BC2, COD and many more. Fun comes first. We are all experienced gamers and some of us play on GB as well. Register to find out more!
59 Clucth Squad
120 1368
We are Wii clan and have all pro
everyone in our clan has 2.00 kdr or higher We only except elite
60 TeamProvo
111 862

Register To Find out More.
61 (4*TP) For the Prestige
110 1347

A clan for Wii. Only the prestiged can join the army.
62 Soldier of Defiance
109 747
There are two main purpose for Defiance, to serve as a "Clan" and a "Team". The clan is for regular online play and enjoyment where our best member can group up to rank up, have fun, etc. The team
63 Embrace The 3nd
99 1582

PS3 clan that started out on the Wii, that has been around since World at War. Always accepting new members of all ages.
64 Altair's Order
93 804
Altair's Order is a gaming clan for PC gamers from everywhere. Anyone with any skill level is welcomed here.
We want members to be active and respectful. All members are encouraged to participate in
65 BLoD
92 635
Gaming community/Clan for Black Ops and eventually moving to MW3. Ages 16 and up, respect and fun are the name of the game.
91 609

Were mainly Irish & on PS3 ,new clan thats growing fast ,looking for some new blood ,were all about enjoyin the game and having de CRAIC and of course requirments or try outs needed ,check
67 LGiT--Web Site
87 1164

We Are A Clan How Like To Win,If You Like To Win Go To Are Web Site.
68 Major League Noob Slaying
87 579
We're a clan with Wii roots, but have now expanded to X-Box. Recruiting for X-Box with no requirements and a 1.00 K/D requirement for Wii. Want to join? we don't blame you
85 581
70 KNMM Black ops Wii and xbox360 clan
85 1178

KNMM is a Wii and xbox360 clan. We are a fun group of people to game with but are serious when we need to be. We have over 80 members and are still recruiting. We have alot of active members and fun c
71 anml clan
84 842

Wii Clan Anmls

72 Gods of Destruction
83 552

We are a call of duty black ops gaming community we are looking for members that want to have a good time while showing there skills in competitive game play
73 LT3 Wii Clan
83 1613

Brand new Wii clan for all COD games. Join now, you wont regret it. Check out the website for more information.
74 xI8o8Ix KRAZY8's
82 574

75 BAC
76 1126
76 illuminaticlan
76 401

73 586

We are a friendly ps3 clan. Easy going but have a competitive part. When we compete in the world gaming league we are run like a community, with a opt in and out system for games and competitions. We
78 vR-Virtual Reality Clan Wii
68 592

CoD Wii Clan: We are currently looking for all types of players. We value team work and respect.If you have leadership skills then head over to our website and JOIN TODAY!!!
79 Allied eXtreme InSurgence
68 338
Although we are competitive Call of Duty Black Ops players, we are pretty relaxed and easy going. We like to scrim regularly, but we play mostly for fun and to de-stress from real life. There is no sk
68 2577
We are a fairly new clan of fair players on xbox360 Cheating of any kind is not tolerated. We mainly play Domination always looking for good players and ready to take on all challengers!!
67 703

We are a newly formed clan with about 150 members. We are mainly based in Black Ops - but we do play Halo as well. Soon we will be going into MW3. :]
82 Stone Cold Killers
65 2085
We're a clan of good friends that don't restrict weapon usage too much. We're looking for new members to join so we can get bigger and better. Join us now while we still have open spots!
83 *Controled Killaz
64 433
We are a clan that has fun and maintains a professional field of playing. We are a PS3 clan and we will be excepting anyone under a 1.00 KDR for a limited time.
84 Top Gun
64 1825

We play black ops only and we are always recruiting so come on buy to snipe run n' gun whatever you please in the battle field! ;)
63 628

APEX aint just a clan its a family
We are on BLACKOPS,MW3 and soon BLACK OPS 2
Follow us on Twitter @CEOapex
86 The Devon Clan
63 924

The best PS3 clan in the South West of the UK.
A set of formidable players.
Currently recruiting!
87 $tealthy Killing Assassins
61 1548

Elite Call of Duty clan for Wii Black Ops. Join Today! Mess With The Best, Die Like The Rest. $tealthy Killing Assassins. Stop by and check us out!
88 Rate of Fire
60 1230

ps3 call of duty clan
89 Team Impulse
59 819

We are a competitive CoD clan on PS3, currently requiting good players. You MUST have a mic and have decent communication. You must be active on our forums and create a psn username as "Impulse_(your
90 MoGZ of War PS3 clan Adults MW3 BF3
58 1254

MoGZ of War - A PS3 clan for Adults age 25+ playing MW3 and BF3, soon Black Ops2 and MoH. UK USA CAN. PTFO Have fun, make friends. elite clan and platoon - The MoGZ of War. Mature GamerZ
91 Kick A** Clan KAC
56 535

We are currently recruting member we are ganing people fastly we are only on ps3 and ready to kick ass so come join our clan
92 Team Active Camel
56 807

Team Active Camel - TEH UBER L33T CLAN YO!
No, but seriously, we like gaming and such.
93 TEKKERZ clan
54 856
we are a respect based clan and we basically have fun as we kick ass also if you are looking for a clan battle please message me on my clan profile
54 613

TFKx works as a team to crush the enemy and come out on top. We are always looking for new member to be apart of our family.
95 {INK} Wiil Black Ops Clan
54 733

{INK} Wii Black Ops clan here to have fun with vertual napalm, Attack Helicopters and attack Dogs...
96 Try Hard Crew*
54 1424

THC* the Best Black Ops Clan of the PS3 ruled by Two Female Gamers. We're all about winning & having fun doing so! Recruiting 2.00+ KD/rs.
97 -RAK-
51 687

We're currently 4-3 and are looking for decent membeers. We are fond of second chance. WE also are growing fast and still have people playing W@W ocassionally.
98 Sit Down & Shut Up Squad
49 298
We are a Elite Premium Call of Duty Clan for PS3 We dont taken any Sh*t from anybody
99 Extinction
49 503

We are a online gaming clan which plays wii. xbox, and soon to be ps3. we are currently recruting ppl who are fairly good to play with
100 Armed Outlawz
48 202
Armed Outlawz is a growing clan for Playstation 3. Armed Outlawz welcomes all players, regardless of skill level,rank or age.You can come here to chat with other players, make friends, and altogether increase your gaming experience.You can also join or cr

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