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vR-Virtual Reality Clan Wii

CoD Wii Clan: We are currently looking for all types of players. We value team work and respect.If you have leadership skills then head over to our website and JOIN TODAY!!!

Rank Site In Out
1 Old Guyz Army
8194 18420

COD Wii: We are a laid back group for people over Age 30. Cool family atmosphere for players of all skill levels. Over 200 members playing WAW, MW:R, and Black Ops. Always accepting 30+ yr olds
2 Np4u COD clan
6214 16779

Np4u] NoPity4U...Wii/XBOX/PS3..Call of Duty clan...We have over 200 members...theres always members online so youll never have to play alone...and our members have 1.5+ kdrs
3 Shoot, Stab, Kill (SsK*)
2816 13269

(SsK*)"Shoot, Stab, Kill" #1 CoD PS3 community in the world!!! Need we say more? Est. 2009 for the PS3 console. We dominate and accept any challenge from any other clan listed here. Come see why!
4 Over 30 Clan
2115 4303

Laid back group of gamers around the age of 30 or older. We have played mainly on PS3, but recently expanded to X-Box. 200+ members and growing. No KD requirements, no hassle!
5 Frag Out!
2002 5612

We are an Age 18+ Xbox Community playing the most popular Call of Duty series and other games!
6 The Kingsman Team
1643 10861

We are a multi platform clan recruitng for Black Ops on the Wii, PS3 & 360, we currently have no requirements for Wii! for a limited time only
7 MMORPG warofhell game
1238 1401

MMORPG free online game warofhell.com
Select a race and start playing. Hunt monsters summon them
do alchemy forge weapons beat lords get #1 rank top spot.
build an army. beat your enemies. FREE FOREVER

8 The Organization
1008 2480
We are a respect based community. We have great oppurtunities and a great website with sponsers and tournaments for cash and prizes.
9 Red Shoe Rebels
987 4490

[R$R] Red Shoe Rebels is a kick ass all girl clan playing Black Ops on the PS3. We are currently recruiting females for our clan and GB team.
894 4237

For Wii & X-BOX platform.Looking for leaders atm.And also Recruting For Gamebattles."prestige" Reputation OR influence arising from sucess. WE ARE HELL FIRE PRESTIGE
11 Ambush Gaming Community
764 4074
Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 Call of Duty: Black Ops casual & competitive gaming community. Growing fast! Mush be at least 16 years old. AmbushGaming.com
12 Infamous Assassins
741 2994

XBox and PS3 clan. Bunch of active and laid back people looking to have fun!
13 eVoLuT!oN 2.0 - New Site
716 8020
eVoLuT!oN Inc. is a Wii, PS3 & Xbox clan for Black Ops and we have been here since Modern Warfare: Reflex for Wii in september 2010.

New site has been launched. Taking Black Ops clans to the NxT LvL
14 [UpG] - uPressure Gaming
686 4630
We are a highly skilled, squad orientated clan, with over 400 members! We are well known in the community and have many of Black Ops' Top Players! COME AND CHECK US OUT!
15 Elite Assassins
613 6131

We are a growing clan for xbox, ps3, and wii. We accept all recruits. We go by simple rules, no second chance, no LMG's, no famas, no AUG, and no trash talk. (if you find that ingame tell bugs at
16 Fearless Under Fire
591 2822

Mature FPS clan mainly playing COD. We have players from all background and gaming abilities so come join us if you want to have fun and win! For XBox 360.
17 Blazed Out Kings
571 3515

The BOK clan is for PS4/ BF4. we are a new clan currently recruiting ANYONE, soon it will be updated to different platforms and games. Join now and start TBAGging.
18 Victus
544 1275
Multi platform
516 3370
We are an ADULT ONLY (30+) Black Ops Clan for Wii. We keep things simple and stress free. No Kids. No tryouts. All skill levels welcome! We may be few, but all are very active!
20 He-Man Woman Haters Gaming Clan
502 1712
HWH is not just a clan its a family. We are on Xbox 360 & Now on PS3. United We Stand to become #1... We always accept new players or clans as a hole...Join the best or coward and die like the rest..
21 The ZoSo Clan
484 1624

We are ZoSo. This clan is for those who play COD or any other games on Xbox 360. We play for fun and to have a good time. Check us out!

22 Flashbang Gaming Society
462 1702
Mature 18+ Xbox Black Ops Clan. Also have Halo and Battlefield divisions.
23 Killers On Sight
407 3184

[Ko$*] Killers On Sight, PS3, Hardcore lobbies
We been together for 4 years, consisting of a good core of guys who talk shit and back it up.
Talk shit, and we'll fuck you up.
24 Official Elite Covert Ops Clan Site
400 3839

We are a clan for CoD Black Ops for the Nintendo Wii. Formed since January 2010, we are a very friendly and experienced clan. We believe in equality for all and have no tryouts or requirements to join
25 Valkyrie of Evil
379 1204
Valkyrie of Evil is for the gamer that is looking to have a great time while playing a fair game on the wii. This is not a clan that is KDR or numbers based. Come have fun with us!
26 USUK Gaming
366 2164

USUK Gaming is a fast growing Xbox 360 clan and community for ages 16+. We run Tournaments, play GameBattles and have a Pro Team.
27 Dirty $ockos Official Clan site
331 2466

Dirty $ockos now in Black Ops! Migrated from MW:R, We are well known clan with beast players, We are accepting new recruits to join the movement for Black Ops only! So feel free to join at DSrules.tk
28 The Realist Killaz
329 4283

TRK* is a PS3 Black Ops Clan that offers both a competitive and fun environment for players.

We are currently recruiting!
29 Please delete this site.
307 1422
30 ADED - Tactical Gaming
303 2796
We recruit for CoD on Xbox360 Only.
We are a well-run clan with tons of experience and friendly CoD Players.
We Respect each others and those we battle against. Learn more on our site.
31 Combat Applications Group
303 2054
[CAG]Combat Applications Group is a strongly established gaming community. Our headquarters hosts, forums, chat-rooms, and competitions. CAG is currently recruiting.
32 Army of Killers
291 2860
Welcome to Army of Killers, an old clan we are brining back to the call of duty community, it was once active and full, soon will be once again. Visit us
33 [WS] Wicked Sick
276 2351

We are a playstation 3 clan. We play ,Black Ops ,Black Ops 2 ,Modern Warfare 3. We are NOW RECRUTING
34 Diverse Gaming Elite
266 1261
Friendly 18+ Pc clan Recruiting for BF 3 we currently play Black Ops but are Gearing up towards BF3 and will have our own server up on release day! Come join us for some Carnage.
265 927

A COD Clan that has a required KDR) of around 1.45 preferably over. Our main idea is to win but also to have fun.We also have clan battle record of 48-0.Updated last3/20/12#PS3
36 Pyschotic Renegades *PR*
254 2103

We are a Call of Duty Clan Black Ops and MW3 on PS3. We are a laid back spanish and english speaking Group. Hablamos Espanol y Ingles. To join us register at our website. We are not looking for those
37 cTw Clan
247 1575

Our site is for all ages that is respectful and kind at all times, we are not a Clan but a family. So if you want to join this family you must have a mic and play on the wii.
38 Vengeful ops
243 813

Want to be part of a fun mature gaming clan on PS3? Like to play the objective? Look no further. All skill levels catered for. Mic needed.
39 Death Operative Assault Personnel
223 1772
Casual gaming modified into competition
40 iLLogical Gaming
208 1748

iLLogical Gaming is a gaming community that started off on the XBox 360 playing strictly Black Ops. We have both a North American Branch and a European branch. Must Be 13+ Years old to join the Junior
41 TAGM Gaming
208 1263
Currently recruiting players with a kdr of 1.20 or higher
42 GoDz| Join The Best Or Die Like The Rest
205 4478

A New Clan For All Pro's Out There... To Join Your K.D.R Must Be 1.30+ Unless Proven To Be Better. please Come Along, Chat, Chill and enjoy your visit!
43 Relentless Pwnage
204 2757
Relentless Pwnage is a Black Ops Wii clan based on some harden Call of Duty vetereans. We are a chill clan, we always play fair, and we win and lose with honor. Recruiting... Do you have what it takes
44 wickedskillzkrew
203 621
wicked skills krew is all about having fun even though we win a lot of our battles we our recruiting new members with a K/D ratio of at least 1.50 or up were all about tactics and communication
45 NKO-Newb Killing Orginazation
192 2490

This clan is for all cods on wii but mostly black ops.
Ask an owner to join on chat. WE DO HAVE REQUIREMENTS!
46 EKM OFFICAL WEBSITE !!!!Theres no other way!!!!
184 1749

We are a group of gamers on the WII that play Call Of Duty: Black OPS. We have 40+ members and are currently 61-5 in clan wars and we're recruiting
47 HaZe Clan
183 1232

Were an amazing Call Of Duty clan of snipers on the Xbox 360. We are currently recruiting snipers!
48 MeeP Clan
176 696

we are an xbox 360 quickcoping clan, looking for team leaders and new quickscopers take a look at our site and arrange a trial if you like what you see!
49 chillers
162 1500

we are a up and coming clan that is here to take over!!!we are for wii and always recruiting.think you got what it takes??
50 The DayBreakers
155 930

Join the DayBreakers!!!! We are a Call of Duty Black Ops and Black Ops 2 Clan that was founded in August 2012. We have multiple corporate sponsors and we are very well organized. We play Headquarters

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